Alimony and Spousal Support After Divorce

Alimony or “spousal support” is an amount paid to a dependent spouse during and after a divorce is finalized. For military members, issues related to support can be even more complicated.

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If you are facing divorce and are concerned about spousal support obligations or want to protect your financial interests, you need experienced and strategic defense.

At Swango Law, P.C., in Virginia Beach, I provide sound counsel and experienced advocacy aimed at protecting the rights of my clients involving spousal support.

Invest in Your Financial Future Today

In any spousal support determination, once a decision has been made, it can be very difficult to modify or adjust. I am an experienced family law attorney who can review your family income, apply relevant guidelines, and ensure that you are not overpaying or are faced with unmanageable obligations. Investing now in experienced advocacy will be an asset to your financial future. As a Virginia Beach spousal support attorney, I can handle your case involving:

  • Spousal support
  • Single family earnings
  • Division of property
  • Spousal support obligations
  • Minimizing liability
  • Maintenance

Military Members and Spousal Support

Spousal support obligations for military members are different and often members of the military are required to pay out more. There are two forms of spousal support, depending on whether there are children in your family. The 58/28 rule requires that the payor is responsible for 28 percent of gross salary, minus 58 percent of the payee’s salary if there are no kids. This rule applies the same with the 50/30 split when children are involved. During your consultation, I will put this formula to use so you will have an idea of the court’s starting point in trying to determine spousal support in your particular case.

As your attorney, I will ensure that the numbers are accurate in your case and that guidelines are properly applied to your case. Never agree to payment in writing until you have consulted with a lawyer. Remember, any determination is final, and you could be responsible for making payments for life.

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