Negotiations and Settlements for Divorcing Military Members

couple that may one day need a military uncontested divorce attorneyDivorce is always a stressful and difficult time, but it can be made more complicated when you are working out the details while deployed or on active duty.

Even if you agree to the divorce, you need an experienced advocate who can effectively articulate your rights and interests through the negotiation and settlement process.

At Swango Law, P.C., in Virginia Beach, I am committed to providing sound counsel and experienced advocacy focused on the rights of military members facing divorce.

Secure Your Financial Future and Rights in Divorce

Whether you have chosen to file for divorce, or your spouse has filed, it is important to have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations, as well as understand how the divorce process will affect your interests in the future.

Do not sign a settlement agreement or make any concessions without first consulting with an experienced military divorce lawyer.

I will explain the legal processes, review the individual circumstances of your case, and develop a strategic approach to protect your rights. I am a Virginia Beach military uncontested divorce attorney with experience in cases involving:

Claiming Your Rights as a Father and Service Member

Fathers, particularly those who are service members, are often at a disadvantage in family legal disputes, especially when deployed or unable to actively participate in the negotiation process.

You deserve equal access to your children and have the right to protect your financial security from unmanageable support determinations. As your attorney, my priority is to establish your rights, work toward cost-effective resolutions and ensure the well-being of your family into the future.

Call 757-383-9193 or contact me by e-mail to arrange an initial consultation or case evaluation with a active military no fault divorce attorney.

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